Digital Audits

Digital audits provide you with a healthcheck of your current online marketing campaigns. If you are spending large sums online then you will want to know that they are being used effectively. By commissioning an independent audit you can learn how well your campaigns are being run compared to competitors and gain an action plan of how to increase your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Digital Audits with Almond

At Almond we draw upon our years of experience across the full range of digital channels to evaluate the performance of your campaigns and give expert advice on how to drive greater efficiency and increase revenues.

Digital Audits Services Overview

Campaign Performance Analysis & Benchmarking

Online Strategy as a whole is evaluated together with a detailed analysis of campaign performance in the various online channels. Performance is benchmarked against past performance trends, competitors and market averages. An action plan to improve performance is drawn up for each channel which contains a checklist of points to optimise performance.

Departmental Processes and Agency Management Review

We interview staff and assess how effectively your markting department is currently managing campaigns and their agencies. Then we give tailored recommendations on how processes, infrastructure and tools that can be introduced to improve efficiency. In addition, agency fees are also benchmarked to ensure you are not paying over the odds.

Online Marketing Best Practices

We present a best practices guide on agency management and campaign management processes that will help bring your entire marketing department up to speed on what is required to launch and maintain an effective digital marketing campaign.

Online Brand Footprint

We assess the current online reputation and influence of your brand and benchmark this against competitors, highlighting opportunities and current weaknesses.

Click Fraud Audit

12.5%* of all clicks on online adverts are fraudulent. We carry out analysis of your online campaigns to determine if your company is the victim of click fraud and suggest an action plan to minimise your exposure to this in future.

Emerging Digital Technologies Audit

We assess the current tools, channels and technologies being used by your organisation and create a tailored plan of emerging digital technologies that will improve the effectiveness of your marketing department. The awareness of emerging digital channels will help you stay ahead of the competition and make your campaigns more efficient and automated.

Getting in Touch

We are confident that our digital audits will end up saving you money, as they did for Gala Coral. If you are interested in having your digital activity audited, Get in Touch with us or interact with us through our facility between the hours of 9am and 6:30pm to find out more about this service.

*Q2 2009 Click Forensics Study

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