Strategic Planning

Strategic planning provides a comprehensive approach to marketing across the full range of digital channels that will act as the blueprint for all future marketing activity. If you are spending large sums online this will help ensure that you receive maximum ROI for your investment.

Strategic Planning with Almond

We draw upon years of experience across multiple online channels and international markets to devise detailed strategic plans that are aligned with your business goals but are flexible enough to implement.

Strategic Planning Services Overview

Market Analysis and Customer Insight

We conduct a holistic review of the factors that affect online marketing from how customers currently perceive and interact with your brand to the competitive landscape of your market online.

Key performance indicators

KPIs based upon business objectives are agreed and the plan geared towards the attainment of these.

International Online Channel Planning & Budgeting

We identify the most productive channels and international markets for your brand, evaluate the level of competition in each of these and give budget management advice.

Online Channel Integration

We can help give your online campaigns synergy in order to multiply the effect of your activity running in different digital channels.

Implementation timeline

We provide a roadmap with milestones on implementing the recommendations submitted and can assist in helping ensure that these are achieved.

Past vs Future Activity

We evaluate past activity to help formulate this but for a comprehensive assessment of previous campaigns you will need a Digital Audit which will provide you with a detailed evaluation of campaign performance and where you stand in relation to competitors.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to know more about our planning services, why not use our facility between the hours of 9am and 5pm or Get in Touch with us if would like to discuss your requirements with us.

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