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  1. Are you a new online marketing manager? The first things you need to do.

    Being a new marketing manager can be daunting. It is your first day in the role and expectations from your boss are high not only to quickly understand the brand, but to also deliver increased ROI from marketing activity.

    In order to really impress we recommend doing the following right at the outset:

    • List the channels your company are currently using for marketing campaigns in order to identify unexploited opportunities
    • Request detailed campaign reports for the past 6 months in order to assess the performance of the company’s current marketing agencies
    • Compile a list of the current marketing tools the company are your team members about their effectiveness
    • Look at potential opportunities for international expansion by measuring search volumes for your company’s product internationally in Google Insights
    • Measure your company’s online brand footprint by searching for your brand’s name on twitter, facebook and technorati and of course Google!
    • Repeat each of the above but for each of your main competitors.

    If you would like a comprehensive analysis of your company’s online marketing activity then our digital audit services might appeal to you. You may also want to see the complete range of services of our digital marketing agency. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to put a plan in place for you.

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