Internet Marketing

At Almond we provide internet marketing services across a range of markets and languages to produce ROIs of up to 4:1 for clients. We pride ourselves on our account management, always keeping the client informed on what is happening and providing detailed reports and analysis of campaigns.

Internet Marketing Services Breakdown

We can offer a full service internet marketing solution or services can be taken individually:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and in particular multilingual SEO offers the best potential ROI of any online channel.

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Link Building

It is estimated links account for roughly 65% of the total factors* influencing search engine rankings. Almond’s link building service…

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Social media

Social media is increasingly being recognised as the future of online marketing. It offers amazing brand building potential…

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Online PR

Online PR is increasingly a core part of PR and can be used as a really effective way of getting a news story…

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We have years of experience managing in managing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns across multiple languages…

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Display Advertising

Online display advertising offers huge potential reach and when combined with precise targeting can ensure that brand awareness…

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers a high ROI approach to online marketing, ensuring that you only pay when a conversion is made.

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Email Marketing

Leveraging existing customers is still the most cost effective way to generate sales and email marketing offers an unparalleled…

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Conversion Rate

You have optimised your paid search campaign, you are ranking highly for relevant search terms in the organic listings…

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Hotel Marketing

We have specialist knowledge in hotel internet marketing. Having worked with a number of hotels and hotel chains…

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