Multilingual SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and in particular multilingual SEO offers the best potential ROI of any online channel. Natural search receives around 60% of all clicks* from the 1,200 Billion searches** that are performed worldwide each year and since these clicks are unmetered (you are not charged on a per click basis) the returns can be exceptional.

Multilingual SEO Services Breakdown

International SEO Strategy

Because there is a lag time in SEO optimisation showing results, it is crucial that you get your SEO strategy right before launching into a campaign. Almond carefully perform SEO keyword and link building strategies prior to launching campaigns and tie these into the overall online marketing strategy to maximise the potential return from the channel. On international SEO projects we adapt the strategy using our local knowledge to ensure that optimisation techniques are adapted to the most popular search engines in that particular market.

SEO Website Audit

We undergo a thorough check of your website to ensure that there is nothing technically wrong with it that could be harming your search engine rankings.

International Link Building

We formulate a link building strategy which we then implement through our ongoing link building programme. We use our expertise in multilingual SEO to gain links from the influential websites in the countries we are targeting.

SEO Content Optimisation

We optimise website content for the keywords that are identified in the keyword strategy. This can be done on a site-wide basis for new website launches (as we did for and ) or on an ongoing basis.

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* comScore study of the global search market


** iProspect study across the 4 main search engines ? Google, Yahoo! MSN and AOL

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