Online PR

Online PR is increasingly a core part of PR and can be used as a really effective way of getting a news story in front of the key influencers in your target niche to create buzz around your brand.

Online PR with Almond

We have experience running international online PR campaigns and gaining worldwide exposure for our clients. We have built relationships with a global network of journalists in a variety of verticals. We help craft and tailor press releases and articles and then connect these with the key influencers in a client’s niche.

We regularly use Online PR as a core pillar of SEO for clients to build links for clients. As with all our online marketing activity we ensure that we report results in full and carefully analyse these in order to optimise future activity.

Online Brand Monitoring

View all online conversations about your brand via an online dashboard that indicates whether the communication was positive or negative. The tool also enables you to track responses.

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