Pay Per Click Management

We have years of experience in managing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns across multiple languages and in highly competitive markets such as gambling, travel and finance. Rest assured, we are a ppc agency capable of handling the most complex and demanding of pay per click management challenges.

PPC Management Optimisation Processes

We go through the following processes to ensure that our clients’ ppc campaigns are continually optimised:

  • Bidding strategy updating based upon clients’ business objectives
  • Bid optimisation based upon bidding strategy to increase ROI
  • Account structure refinement to maximise relevancy of ad copy
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Keyword expansion to increase reach
  • Negative keyword expansion to increase relevancy and CTR of ads

PPC Agency Tools

In addition we have a range of in house ppc tools that give our clients’ campaigns a competitive edge:

  1. Automated Ad Catalyst
    • This tool automatically updates the adverts with information from the product database such as price information and can also take into account stock levels to alter bids or pause ads completely.
  2. Portfolio Based Bid Management Optimiser
    • This helps us determine which keywords are really contributing ROI in the buying cycle/customer search journey.

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