Social Media Marketing

Social media is increasingly being recognised as the future of online marketing. It offers amazing brand building potential because of the sheer number of people using the service.

Social Media Marketing with Almond

We have experience managing global social media campaigns, and have garnered accolades such as the most successful Facebook ad campaign in Europe for Canterbury of NZ. We have experience working with a range of social networks worldwide including Myspace, Orkut, Qzone, Friendster and many more niche social networks in individual countries.

Integrated Social Media Marketing

At Almond we believe in integrated online marketing. We have used social media in combination with a range of other online channels for clients:

Social Media and Online Advertising

We were able to harness the rich demographic data available in social networks to send highly targeted messaging to 17-24 year olds in the Kent region in a recent campaign for Kent County Council.

Social Media and SEO

We maximise the SEO benefits resulting from social media and have used these to boost rankings for clients such as AXA.

Social Media and eCRM

We are increasingly encouraging our clients to use social media as an additional eCRM channel and to synchronise their social media channels so that they are connected with their customers across all the online channels that they are using to communicate with their customers.

Social Media Tracking & Measurement

We are committed to all our activity being measurable, and report the success of social media campaigns against a range of softer KPIs such as exposure and fans built along with more traditional sales focused metrics.

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