Booker Centric

Booker Centric is second generation state-of-the-art hotel booking software for both desktop and mobile devices. It has specifically been built with the user in mind and aims to maximise conversions through exceptionally strong usability and user experience. Some of the functionality Booker Centric offers is

  • Flexible and comprehensive promotions functionality
  • Multi property
  • Multi rate
  • Multi currency settlement
  • Multilingual
  • Functionally comprehensive yet easy to use extranet
  • Interfacing capability with recognised PMS and channel manager solutions
  • Fixed Fee Model

    We provide the licence, support and set up for a fixed fee and have a modular charging structure for components. Our support is 24 hours a day with an almost immediate turnaround time for fixes.

    Risk Free Model

    Hoteliers may also opt for the pay on performance model. Using our extensive experience in performance based marketing across different verticals, we see if there is an opportunity to increase bookings through search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation of your hotel brochure website. The following is carried out

  • We look at your website’s visitor statistics through analytics software to see the areas of potential opportunity for increased rankings and on site usability improvements
  • We audit your website for any on page search engine optimisation changes that need to take place
  • We do a competitor analysis to see feasibility of increased rankings and traffic in the major search engines within a particular time frame
  • We do a keyword analysis based on the following criteria: Volume, competition and relevance
  • Upon condition of feasibility, we subsequently agree on a percentage commission fee (based on direct bookings) and are therefore incentivised to build links towards your site which will ultimately lead to an increase in bookings. We are also incentivised to carry out A/B split and multivariate tests on your brochure website to maximise conversions which will also lead to an increase in bookings.

    Getting in Touch

    For more information on Booker Centric, use our facility between the hours of 9am and 6:30pm or Get in Touch with us.

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