At Almond we provide digital marketing services across a range of markets and languages to produce ROIs of up to 4:1 for clients. We pride ourselves on our account management, always keeping the client informed on what is happening and providing detailed reports and analysis of campaigns.

Digital Marketing Services Breakdown

We can offer a full service digital marketing solution or services can be taken individually:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and in particular multilingual SEO offers the best potential ROI of any online channel.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and in particular multilingual SEO offers the best potential ROI of any online channel. Natural search receives around 60% of all clicks* from the 1,200 Billion searches** that are performed worldwide each year and since these clicks are unmetered (you are not charged on a per click basis) the returns can be exceptional.

SEO Services Breakdown

International SEO Strategy

Because there is a lag time in SEO optimisation showing results, it is crucial that you get your SEO strategy right before launching into a campaign. Almond carefully perform SEO keyword and link building strategies prior to launching campaigns and tie these into the overall online marketing strategy to maximise the potential return from the channel. On international SEO projects we adapt the strategy using our local knowledge to ensure that optimisation techniques are adapted to the most popular search engines in that particular market.

SEO Website Audit

We undergo a thorough check of your website to ensure that there is nothing technically wrong with it that could be harming your search engine rankings.

International Link Building

We formulate a link building strategy which we then implement through our ongoing link building programme. We use our expertise in multilingual SEO to gain links from the influential websites in the countries we are targeting.

SEO Content Optimisation

We optimise website content for the keywords that are identified in the keyword strategy. This can be done on a site-wide basis for new website launches (as we did for and ) or on an ongoing basis.

Link Building

It is estimated links account for roughly 65% of the total factors* influencing search engine rankings. Almond’s link building service includes an in depth link building strategy phase to ensure that the subsequent campaign really boosts your company’s traffic and conversions from natural search.

Link Building Services with Almond

Our team is capable of working across several markets and languages to build links and boost rankings. Before we start building links we produce a detailed strategic plan; first we ensure that we choose the best keywords to optimise for by carrying out a keyword strategy then we identify the websites we will be targeting for links.

Keyword Strategy

An in depth study is carried out of relevant, high volume search terms together with current strength for these and amount of competition that surrounds these in order to identify the terms that bring the most return.

Link Building Strategy

We analyse the clients’ current links and plan the types of links that we need to build going forward in order to create a diversified link profile. We identify the key sites in our clients’ niches and formulate our approach strategy for gaining these links.

Link Building implementation

Links are built consistently over a long period to ensure that the pattern appears natural to the search engines and that clients receive the full benefit of the extra links built. We offer a complete service that does not require involvement from the client.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is increasingly being recognised as the future of online marketing. It offers amazing brand building potential because of the sheer number of people using the service.

Social Media Marketing with Almond

We have experience managing global social media campaigns, and have garnered accolades such as the most successful Facebook ad campaign in Europe for Canterbury of NZ. We have experience working with a range of social networks worldwide including Myspace, Orkut, Qzone, Friendster and many more niche social networks in individual countries.

Integrated Social Media Marketing

At Almond we believe in integrated online marketing. We have used social media in combination with a range of other online channels for clients:

Social Media and Online Advertising

We were able to harness the rich demographic data available in social networks to send highly targeted messaging to 17-24 year olds in the Kent region in a recent campaign for Kent County Council.

Social Media and SEO

We maximise the SEO benefits resulting from social media and have used these to boost rankings for clients such as AXA.

Social Media and eCRM

We are increasingly encouraging our clients to use social media as an additional eCRM channel and to synchronise their social media channels so that they are connected with their customers across all the online channels that they are using to communicate with their customers.

Social Media Tracking & Measurement

We are committed to all our activity being measurable, and report the success of social media campaigns against a range of softer KPIs such as exposure and fans built along with more traditional sales focused metrics.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers a high ROI approach to online marketing, ensuring that you only pay when a conversion is made.

Affiliate Marketing with Almond

We take care of setting up your affiliate campaign, negotiating a preferential deal with Affiliate Networks and creating the tracking and reporting infrastructure. We assist in growing your affiliate programme going forward, promoting your scheme to attract new affiliates as well as helping you retain existing affiliates and maximise their output for your brand. We will use our international expertise to expand your affiliate campaign into new territories and affiliate channels.

Affiliate Marketing Services Overview

  • Affiliate Planning, Set Up & Rate Negotiation
  • Affiliate Tracking and Reporting
  • Affiliate Scheme Promotion
  • Affiliate Campaign Optimisation
  • Affiliate Monitoring

Display Advertising

Online display advertising offers huge potential reach and when combined with precise targeting can ensure that brand awareness is generated cost effectively.

Online Display Advertising with Almond

At Almond we offer the complete solution : we plan and book the media, produce the creative, serve, optimise and report on the campaign. We are experienced in planning display media campaigns internationally that take advantage of the latest targeting techniques and creative formats. We integrate the display campaigns with other online channels, ensuring that consistent messaging is used to reach the target audience. We have strong relationships in place with the advertising networks and can also negotiate favourable rates in direct deals with publishers.

Display Advertising Services Overview

  • Plan and book international online display media campaigns
  • Employ the latest targeting and optimisation techniques in our campaigns
  • Create cutting-edge rich media creative formats
  • Serve, Optimise and Track online display media campaigns
  • Integrate display with your other marketing campaigns

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