The Impact of internet marketing on your business

The Impact of internet marketing on your business

The Impact of internet marketing on your business

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is the action which promotes a business or service via the internet, using a variety of tools to increase traffic, clicks, visibility and by extension, sales and profit. It’s much, much more than just the ads you see on Facebook or your favorite streaming services. It covers Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Youtube videos, even regular, plain old websites.
So to be simple: It is everything on the internet made to promote your product in any way, shape or form.

How your business will benefit

This field is very important in today’s business world, and yet despite the publicity it gets, there’s still a lot of simple and obvious openings in today’s business marketing strategies. First of all, it’s important to adjust your strategy to the type of business you are. For some companies lead generation works well.

The Impact of internet marketing on your businessFirstly, in case you’re a local, small, brick and mortar type business, it’s quite possible you don’t even need a website to start with. A simple Facebook or Instagram page will do, there you’ll write down all the important facts about your business, such as opening and closing hours, contact numbers/emails, your name and line of work, as well as any news and promotions you’re doing. This’ll help increase your visibility by an order of magnitude, as well as making it easy for new customers to inform themselves about your business. It’s also important to list your business on Google maps, so that people are able to find their way to your premises.

What if, instead, you’re a medium-size business? Well in this case you’ll definitely need a web site, in addition to this you could go with a social media page, but in this case, the social media page should be more of a platform to connect with and hear your customers’ comments on your services, rather than your primary method of interaction with them.

Your website should contain all the information a small business Facebook page should, in addition to that, you should have extensive information about what kind of business you are, every service you offer should be extensively described in detail. In addition to this, you should have a contact us page, an about us page, and an intuitively designed homepage, because a lot of internet users in today’s world will just gloss over a website that isn’t presented simply and intuitively to them.

The Impact of internet marketing on your businessIf you’re a large-scale business a website is a must. It should be designed with utmost professionalism, and contain the same things a medium-sized business’ would put on their website, but an additional thing you should consider as a large business is adverts, this means paying platforms, such as Google, Facebook or similar money in exchange for them playing advertisements about your product, if you so wish you can even tailor to what kind of person these adverts will play. This means that you can greatly narrow the audience that sees your ads, for example if you were a crocheting business, you’d be able to filter through the people that searched rocheting’ on Google recently. Another good idea is, in case you’re a digital business, or there’s a popular YouTube channel dealing with your subject matter, to sponsor them, and make them advertise your product.

To conclude, internet marketing is not only a must in today’s business world, it can cut marketing costs with ease, while allowing you to interact much more directly with your target audience.

Denise Payne

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